We’re all hungry here

“We’re All Hungry Here”

Of course
you are hungry

We’re all
hungry here –
those of us
who are living

Our hunger
gnaws at
our gut
aches in
our chest
and throbs
in the hard
wet places

it catches
in our throat
when we practice
giving it a name

The impulse
to turn the
hunger inwards
with cigarettes
and pornography –
and denial

Or to inflict
it outwards
turning the world
into an object
to be used
and discarded

is understandable

The third
way is to
wear your hunger
on your lips –
feel it on
your tongue

Let it drive
you deeper
into the
arms of
this world

Take the
leash off
and let
it play
in the


© Justice Schanfarber

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