What the dawn said

“What the dawn said”

The dawn broke
and it told me
You don’t have
to be amazing

There’s no special
thing you need
to accomplish
in this life

No great potential
you must meet

What is the
opposite of
amazing? asked
the morning light

You needn’t be
that either

No matter what
your friends pretend
on facebook

is a cheap game
for the uninitiated

Every leaf knows better
and so do you

Hang out with
me a while
chirped the robin
as she did
her thing
(you know –
the stuff robins
do without really
thinking about it)

It was very
nothing great about
it at all

Then the honeybees did
their dance
and someone got
very excited and
called it a

Not really said
one of the bees
I’m just doing
what feels right
and soon – in a week or two
I’ll be dead and my family
will push my body out onto the ground

But I insist
on the awesomeness
of being awesome!
boomed a voice

Haven’t you heard about crowdsourcing and 3-D printing?
What about TED talks
and following your passion
for making the world a better
and really interesting place?
And google goggles!

You can make a
big noise if you like
said the sunset

And the waves chuckled

as they


© Justice Schanfarber

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